Columbia, South Carolina
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I was out of town for the weekend to visit family. I came home to a wet kitchen floor, ceiling and a completely ruined table and floors.

The Glacier Bay toilet in my up stair's guest bathroom cracked from top of the tank all the way to bottom without any stress on it. I checked and there were no earthquakes while I was gone. It's just a really poorly made toilet. It should never have broken.

It leaked for two days. It's going to cost me thousands of dollars in damages. Don't Glacier Bay toilets. They are terrible products.

No toilet tank should break just from holding water.

That is what it is designed to do. You will regret buying Glacier Bay toilets.

Product or Service Mentioned: Glacier Bay Products Toilet.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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WOW...same thing happened to ours. Crack top to bottom on the backside of the tank.

Figured it out because of water on the floor...thankfully its on the first floor off the kitchen.

Tried repairing the crack with fiberglass, then flexseal, but can't stop it totally. There's a continual seepage that drips about a drop every 15 seconds.


Just got home after away and same thing with my glacier bay toilet upstairs- huge crack leaked everywhere and not at the bolt. Toilet is maybe a year old.... might be contacting lawyer if I hear of many similar issues.


The old method of avoiding potential water damage while away is to turn off the water where the line comes into the home. Most people don't think to do this when going away for a couple of days.

Your experience should remind us to always take precautions even if we don't think necessary. Sorry about the water damage, but remember: wood dries eventually.