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Update by user Oct 27

Second replacement hose received in the mail dated a month ago. So now I have a spare...A friend attached it while I was a work and it seems to be working fine.While the shipping department may need some tweaking, I can't fault them for sending the goods to solve the problem.

I just had to wait an extra long time for delivery. So, I'll split the difference for customer service and timeliness.

Update by user Oct 12

Package sent and returned to GB due to "undeliverable address"; they had it correct according to what the rep said. So they resent it via UPS who also couldn't deliver it to my door but called me to say so.

We checked the label and it was totally mixed up. How do you mess up an address??

Put the apt number before the name on the label, that's how. The part is here and I'll attempt installation this weekend.

Update by user Sep 18

Update: September 18Still haven't received the part. Did get a phone call today to verify my address.

Not sure whether they sent it and it came back to them or they haven't sent it. Checked the address and it seems fine so they are going to send it again, this time by Purolator. Let's see if it arrives this time. (Note: the old faucet is still dripping water under my sink and missing the bowl I put down to collect it.

I'll probably have to replace the whole cabinet as it's beginning to rot the wood base and the underside of the countertop. This is starting to get expensive.)

Update by user Sep 13

Update: I did get a call from GB a day later and a very pleasant woman asked relevant questions about the problem. She took my address and is sending a replacement hose via regular mail which should arrive in 10-14 business days, no charge.

The customer service center is in Georgia, USA and they service everywhere they sell.

Yes, the product is warrantied for life under normal use conditions. Call me impressed!I will update with the results

Update by user Sep 11

Note: this photo is not of the exact Glacier Bay product described in this rating. This looks like nearly identical to the one I installed.

Original review posted by user Sep 11

Installed a GB faucet (162-520L) about 10 years ago and its been problem-free until this week. It's leaking from the pull out hose about an inch below the sprayer head.

Tried calling the number in the Installation Guide. On hold 5 minutes; message then pops up to leave a message and they will return my call within 48 hours. I doubt it.

Tried the website which directed me to a Home Depot in 855 area code (long distance to me.) Decided to simply call my local Home Depot or go in person to buy a replacement part and hope it solves the leak issue.

NO actual customer service from GB. Not sure I'd buy from them again.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $129.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Glacier Bay Products Pros: Decent inexpensive products.

Glacier Bay Products Cons: I am waiting for a reply.

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